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Pachavega Living Foods Education offers comprehensive Plant Based Nutrition Courses and Raw Food Chef Certification - bridging the gap between healthy and delicious with the power of plants.


Living Foods Education

Online Vegan Chef training &
Plant-based Culinary School - Nicaragua

Pachavega Living Foods Education offers comprehensive online and in-person raw food chef training, vegan nutrition courses and nourishing self-care retreats - bridging the gap between healthy and delicious with the power of plants.

Our Mission

Pachavega Living Foods Education stands as a beacon of transformative education in the realm of plant-based culinary arts. Beyond chef training, our mission resonates with a deeper purpose: to empower you on a profound journey toward health and well-being through the alchemy of a plant-based lifestyle. We are dedicated to guiding you through the art of habit transformation, urging you to take control of your daily choices and craft habits that resonate with your higher self. Our courses are a gateway to understanding the profound impact of plants on the body, mind, and spirit, igniting a passion within you, not only to revolutionize your own life but also to share this wisdom with those close to your heart.

Upcoming Programs

Ready to transform your gut health and embrace a vibrant, energized life? Join us for this one-of-a-kind challenge where you’ll discover the power of replenishing your gut with beneficial strains of bacteria, mastering fiber-rich foods, and eliminating inflammatory-causing microbes. But here’s the deal – this challenge isn’t about just watching and reading. You have to DO. You have to MAKE. You have to EAT. This challenge isn’t about passive observation; it’s about active participation. 

By the end of 21 days, these habits will have gained tremendous momentum, paving the way for significant positive change in your overall well-being.


Our Courses

Discover the bridge between healthy and delicious!

We provide award-winning online vegan chef training and in-person plant-based culinary school programs, including vegan nutrition courses and raw food chef certification courses. Let us guide you through practical, everyday cooking skills and how to prepare delicious recipes as well as dive deep into the holistic and nutritional benefits of the foods we eat. Our courses are for the seasoned holistic healer and newfound health seeker. We welcome all here.

In-Person Upcoming Retreats

We invite you to see the world through our eyes

30-Day Intensive Plant-Based Culinary School In-Person Raw Food Chef Certification Program

Pachavega's Professional Raw Food Chef Residency

Jan. 26th - February 24th, 2025
Nov. 2nd - Dec. 1st, 2025
Plant-Based Culinary School
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Self-Love &
Intuitive Vegan Cooking Retreat

Nourish Yourself Mini-Retreat with Pachavega & Friends

*October 1st - 4th, 2024
Plant-Based Culinary School
*October retreat held in Burlington, Canada

Customized - limited spots available

Holistic Business Coaching

Through our highly individualized journey together, we will celebrate your authentic self to create a life of ease, freedom, pleasure, and financial prosperity.

Our Food

Our food is a celebration of Mother Earth. We choose the finest plant-based ingredients to honor the earth and ourselves. We support local farmers, organically grown practices, sustainable agriculture and eco-conscious lifestyle habits.

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