7 Day Tropical

Vegan Adventure Retreat

December 6th - 13th, 2024
Popoyo, Nicaragua

7 Day Tropical

Vegan Adventure

December 6th - 13th, 2024
Popoyo, Nicaragua

7-Day Tropical Vegan Adventure Retreat
on the Pacific Beaches of Guasacate, Nicaragua

You are invited to join us! Dive into the perfect fusion of plant-based living, outdoor adventure and holistic wellness with a transformative 7-day retreat in the enchanting landscapes of Nicaragua. Co-hosted by Olympian and vegan RHN Julia Murray of Hooked on Plants and esteemed vegan chef and educator Danielle Arsenault of Pachavega, this adventure promises an unparalleled blend of nourishment, education, comfort-zone expansion, giving back, adventure, connection, revitalization, inspiration, culture, and self-discovery.

Embark on a Soulful, Vegan Adventure!

Retreat Highlights

Plant-Based Culinary Delights and Cooking Classes:

Indulge in a week full of delicious culinary experiences showcasing the best in whole food plant-based local cuisine. Nourish your body, tantalize your taste buds, and take home tips for your own kitchen.

Adventure and Exploration:

Immerse yourself in a variety of outdoor adventures amidst the stunning landscapes of Nicaragua. Experience the thrill of boogie boarding, the serenity of swimming in mangroves, and the vibrant underwater world through snorkeling. Explore the soul-filling experiences of Nicaragua, from sandy beaches to volcano hikes, bonfires, and cultural excursions. Take part in giving back through beach cleanups and visiting an animal hospital, deepening your connection with nature and the local community.

Wellness Workshops and Yoga:

Immerse yourself in yoga classes and wellness workshops, focusing on plant-based nutrition, holistic well-being, acroyoga, breathwork, and mindfulness. Discover the keys to a balanced and vibrant life, integrating physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Community and Connection:

Form lasting connections with like-minded individuals during this intimate retreat. Share laughter, stories, and unforgettable moments with a supportive community, creating bonds that extend beyond the retreat.

Register Today
October 25th - November 1st, 2024
$3297 USD - Private Room

Vegan Adventure Retreat

“Our mission is to create an experience for people to disconnect, revitalize, and immerse themselves in a retreat where plant-based living, surf, adventure and wellness seamlessly intertwine, we’re aiming for attendees to experience an unforgettable journey towards connection, community, eco-living, and holistic well-being.” – Olympian & Vegan Nutritionist, Julia Murray

Our Detailed Itinerary

December 6th, 2024 – FRIDAY |
Transport from Airport
Welcome snacks
Beach Walk and Swim in the Mangroves
Dinner at resort: Meet + Greet + Gift bag
Beach Bonfire

December 7th, 2024 – SATURDAY |
Run with Julia
Cacao + Intention Sharing
Breakfast at La Aventura Eco Resort
Surf lesson
Picnic lunch at Beginner’s Bay
Cooking class: Fermentation
Dinner by Pachavega
Pizza Night

December 8th, 2024 – SUNDAY |
Breakfast at resort
Yoga with Adelina
Boat Trip + Snorkeling
Picnic lunch
Sunset Walk
Vegan athlete talk and movie night

December 9th, 2024 – MONDAY |
Yoga with Adelina
Breakfast at resort
Animal Hospital visit
Lunch at resort: Gazpacho soup, grilled tofu, quinoa salad
Breathwork with Rachel & Adelina
Dinner at resort


December 10th, 2024 – TUESDAY |
Yoga with Adelina
Breakfast at resort
Give back with Projecto Pajaro –a local women’s collective
Lunch at resort
Beach Clean-up
Make Your Own Buddha Bowls with 2 epic sauces

December 11th, 2024 – WEDNESDAY |
Breakfast at resort
Active Volcano Hike: Mombacho
Lunch on the road
Visit Granada, a colonial city
Eat in Granada: Pita Pita

December 12th, 2024 – THURSDAY |
Acro Yoga and Divine Play with Adelina
Human Design Talk
Lunch at resort
Video testimonials/Chill time
Spa Afternoon: face mask, foot bath, DIY salve
Final dinner by Pachavega

December 13th, 2024 – FRIDAY |
Morning Beach Run
Breakfast at resort + travel snacks
Cacao closing ceremony
Departure: Leave by 11:00 AM, flights booked for after 3 PM only
(or the following day)

What's Included in Your Experience?

  • Shuttle From Managua Airport to La Aventura (and back to the airport on the last day)
  • 7 nights at eco-friendly Casa La Aventura
  • Welcome Gift Bag
  • 3 meals a day, plus snacks and smoothies
  • 2 cooking classes with Danielle of Pachavega
  • All dinners catered by Pachavega & Hooked on Plants
  • Active volcano tour at Mombacho
  • Night out in Granada
  • Beach Bonfire
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • 2 surf lessons
  • 4 yoga classes
  • Vegan Athlete Talk by Olympian & Nutritionist, Hooked on Plants
  • Swim in the Mangroves
  • Boat Trip & Snorkeling
  • Breathwork
  • Animal Sanctuary visit
  • Community Connection & Beach Clean-Up
  • Edible Spa Day and DIY Medicinal Salve Making

Register Today
December 6th - 13th, 2024
$3297 USD - Private Room

Vegan Adventure Retreat

All of our recipes are made with gluten-free, whole food vegan ingredients, designed by nature to build health and taste delicious at the same time!

The menu plan is curated by Danielle Arsenault of Pachavega and Julia Murray of Hooked on Plants. This collaboration makes magic!

We support local farmers growing organically and give back to our community.

“Through culinary artistry and mindful living, we aim to inspire individuals to embrace a plant-based lifestyle while fostering connections and adventure in the beautiful setting Nicaragua provides.” – Raw Food Chef Educator and Holistic Wellness Coach, Danielle Arsenault


Is the retreat suitable for beginners in surfing and yoga?

YES. Beginners welcome!! 

This is about learning, experiencing, baby steps, and FUN. Beginners, and intermediate are all welcome:) It’s a friendly wave with friendly surf instructors who simply want you to do one thing: have a good time (while improving every day 😉 

The yoga will be gentle, and a wonderful way to smooth out the sore muscles from the adventurous day before.

How do I get to the retreat location? What flights should I book? 

Fly into Managua either before 1 pm on May 17th OR if you can’t get a flight that early, come the night before and book a hotel stay for around $80 at the Best Western directly across the street from the airport (so close that walking with your bags is easy). The hotel has a little restaurant.

We offer a shuttle service and it will pick you up at 2 pm from the airport (or the hotel) on May 17th. 

Book a flight home on May 24th anytime after 3 pm (or book another night at the hotel for the 24th, and fly out anytime on May 25th). 

What types of accommodations are available?

Mainly: rooms with 1 double bed, or 2 double beds are available. Feel free to come with a good friend or partner and share a bed for some $ off! 

Note that this is an eco experience. No air conditioners. Bare feet are welcome. The showers are hot, but water is minimal. Short showers are encouraged. Wi-fi is spotty. Take this as your invitation to disconnect.


Other FAQ's

Can I join the retreat alone or with a group?

Feel free to come with a buddy, partner, soul sister, or solo! 

Are there age restrictions for participants?

Over 17 

What is the cancellation policy?

A deposit of 25% down will not be refundable. 

If emergency cancellation is needed, we will return the remaining amount to you. 

You can transfer your spot to another if needed up to 1 month before the date.  

Is it safe to travel to Nicaragua? 

Nicaragua is raw, rugged, and truly brings you back to nature. 

That being said, the people are kind, compassionate, and what makes this country so special. 

Even though we can’t guarantee 100% that nothing will go wrong, we will do everything in our power to make this trip as safe as possible for you. 

We will be picking the group up at the airport and providing a shuttle directly to Casa La Aventura.

If you arrive a day earlier, or fly out a day later, we recommend you stay at the Best Western Mercedes across the street from the MGA airport – you can walk across the street and won’t need anyone’s help. 

A note from Danielle: ‘I have lived here for years now, and have never felt ‘unsafe’ when it comes to political unrest or even just being an independent blonde woman! This place is magical, and welcoming’ 

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes! We highly highly recommend you purchase your own travel insurance. 

Let us know if you need help figuring that out! Typically, you can get it easily through your credit card company (extended medical), or your employer or an insurance broker. 

What happens if I injure myself? 

Step 1: First aid kit (at Casa La Aventura) 

Step 2: Clinic close by in Rivas 

Step 3: Hospital in Managua (2 hours away)


Location and Accommodation

Casa La Aventura
Popoyo, Nicaragua

Welcome to Casa La Aventura—an eco-adventure hostel nestled in the heart of Popoyo, along the rugged coast of Nicaragua. Johnathan and Cristiano, the visionaries behind Casa La Aventura, embarked on a journey to Central America after exploring the forests and oceans of the world for several years. Enchanted by Nicaragua’s unspoiled beauty, its vibrant culture, and the warmth of its people, they began crafting their dream in 2016. After years of dedication, collaboration, and boundless passion, their vision materialized into this breathtaking project.

Their dedicated team comprises locals from nearby villages, each contributing their unique charm to offer guests an authentic Nicaraguan experience. Day and night, their hospitality ensures you have an unforgettable time in Popoyo. Gabby, who joined the team in 2020, serves as the manager of Casa La Aventura, infusing the guesthouse with her undeniable magic and contributing significantly to its success.

Casa la Aventura exudes warmth and tranquility in this quaint beach town. It features a fully equipped shared kitchen, beautifully designed shared bathrooms, and a serene yoga terrace. Numerous inviting chill areas await your relaxation.

Accommodations are crafted with locally sourced materials, including earth bricks from nearby villages and bamboo, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. You’ll find various shared toilets and showers, along with our spacious new kitchen designed to enhance your comfort during your stay.

Welcome to a haven where adventure meets sustainability, and every corner is infused with the essence of Nicaragua’s rich culture and natural beauty. Welcome to Casa La Aventura—a sanctuary by the sea.

Location: Playa Guasacate, Las Salinas, Tola, Nicaragua.