Nourish Yourself

Self-Love & Intuitive Vegan Cooking Retreat
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Nourish Yourself Retreat

Self-Love & Intuitive Vegan Cooking Retreat
Ometepe Island, Nicaragua
nourish yourself retreat pachavega

Awaken Your Highest Potential
Self-Love & Intuitive Vegan Cooking Retreat
on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Experience a creative, multi-faceted healing approach to life. This retreat is designed to help you find clarity and balance for your life. To shake up the old and usher in the new.

  • Our gourmet food will nourish you on a cellular level. 
  • Our intuitive cooking classes will teach you healthy ways to prepare cooked and raw, living foods that nourish the body and to provide momentary relief from an increasingly wild world.
  • Our informed trauma classes will help you get to the bottom of what no longer serves you.
  • Yoga and movement will help integrate and process your experiences with a calm, clear mind.
  • You will leave feeling refreshed, renewed and transformed, body, mind and soul.

Embark on a Transformational Retreat of Creative Healing, Culinary Mastery, and Self-Love on Nicaragua's Ometepe Island!

Woven into this experience is the invitation to get to know yourself even further. To discover what it really means to nourish the body, mind and spirit through different healing modalities and experiences. To gift yourself the self-love you deserve.

In this experience, learn to sprout, make fermented foods and discover the power of raw, living foods. We will also brew medicinal broths, rich curries and grounding superfood stews. You will broaden your knowledge of the plant based culinary landscape with tips and tricks that will impress – making healthy food taste delicious.

You are invited to join me in Nicaragua, on the island of Ometepe to indulge in YOU. To put yourself first and dive into pure nourishment.



Welcome package

Cooking Workshops

Morning Movement Classes

Breathwork Gathering

Cacao Ceremony and Intention Setting Circle

Tree to Bar Chocolate Tour and Tasting Experience

Healing Sound Bath 

Sleep Support Tea

Afternoon Spa Service (with all-natural and edible ingredients)

1 hour massage

Ecstatic Dance Experience

Kickstarter Adaptogen Blend

ALL meals, snacks and beverages

Free Ebook, “It’s All About The Sauce”

Free Airport Shuttle (valued at $100USD)

Lifetime access to monthly LIVE group coaching where you can ask Danielle anything

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In-Person Retreat
Next Retreat:
May 1st - 7th, 2025 - 12 spots left

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