30 Day Intensive in-person

Raw Food Chef Residency Program

Professional Raw Food Chef Certification Training Course

30-day intensive in-person

Raw Food Chef
Residency Program

Professional Raw Food Chef Certification Training Course

Become an Internationally Certified Raw Food Chef!
upcoming Dates:
MARCH 10TH - APRIL 8TH, 2024


Join us for our most comprehensive Plant-Based Nutrition and Living Foods Chef Training! In 4 weeks, you’ll really feel what it is like to take your plant-based nutrition education to the next level and practice stepping into the role of a confident Raw Food Chef. By the end of this training, you will feel confident to create delicious gourmet meals and how certain foods contribute to optimal health.

Our Raw Food Chef Residency Program is held twice a year in Nicaragua on the island of Ometepe. This inspirational nutritional and culinary adventure will take you from the beginning – taste balancing and the building blocks of plant-based nutrition education – to the advanced – learning how to create and refine your own signature recipes and dive deeper into specific health concerns and which whole foods can help. Explore advanced culinary themes and develop your unique style as a chef. This immersion is for the passionate foodie, beginner entrepreneur and seasoned plant-based expert. Join us in the plant based revolution and give back to the community!

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MARCH 10TH - APRIL 8TH, 2024
January 4th - February 2nd, 2025
November 1st - November 30th, 2025

Retreat – Raw Food Chef School Nicaragua
Online Raw Food Chef Certificate

Our trainings are for...

✔ the stay-at-home mom

✔ the nutritionist

✔ the Chinese medicine doctor

✔ the new retiree

✔ the red seal chef

✔ the professional athlete

✔ those looking for a new career

✔ those looking to enhance their nutrition intake

✔ the fresh out of high school

✔ The seasoned entrepreneur 

… and many more. All these types of people have taken Pachavega’s Raw Food Chef Certification Course.

What we have in common is a desire to create healthy whole food recipes for our families, loved ones, clients and ourselves. We want to know how to help our body do what is designed to do, heal itself.

This course offers an in-depth study into a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle as a means to heal your body and ignite your spirit of adventure and passion to get you into the kitchen and experiment and in turn, improve your health and wellbeing for life.

What You Will Learn

  • Foundation Staple Foods
  • Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Knife Skills
  • Flavor Balancing
  • How to Stock your Kitchen
  • Soaking and Sprouting
  • Cultured and Fermented Foods, Kimchi and Kraut
  • Sustainability and Ethical Choices
  • Nut-Free Cuisine and Food Sensitivities
  • Detoxification and Your pH
  • Healthy Digestion and your Gut Microbiome
  • Foods the Promote Digestion
  • Tips and Tricks for Healthy Detoxification
  • Healing Spices from Around the World
  • Gourmet Raw Vegan Meals
  • Healing Foods for Fertility, Pregnancy and All Life Stages
  • Healing Herbal Soups and Adaptogens
  • Raw Desserts and Superfoods
  • Raw Food and Essential Oils that Heal
  • Dehydrated Foods
  • Gourmet Cultured Foods
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Vegan Cheese Making
  • Plating Presentation and Food Photography

You will Make Simple as well as Gourmet Recipes

All of our recipes are made with gluten-free, plant-based ingredients that are designed by nature to build health

What's it like to be a Raw Food Chef with Pachavega?


  • Dive into the health benefits of the food that fuels us
  • Train in valuable basic, intermediate, and advanced kitchen skills
  • Master the art and intricacies of flavor balancing
  • Discover how to creatively sauce, plate and present striking dishes
  • Create nutritional powerhouse meals and culinary masterpieces that anyone from age 0 to 99 is bound to enjoy and benefit from
  • Learn the art of effective menu construction and design
  • Acquire a compassion-centered approach to nutrition that supports individual needs and goals
  • Utilize your nutrition and culinary knowledge and skills as the foundation of a holistic wellness lifestyle
  • Turn your newfound-insights and mastery into a revenue-generating venture
  • Have an encouraging feedback and support system from Pachavega educators and students

Kind Words about our Courses

What our graduates are saying about us!
Online Raw Food Chef Certificate

Introducing Your Teacher...

Danielle Arsenault, founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education, is a passionate Raw Food Chef and Plant Based Nutrition Educator. In 2011 a near-death rock climbing accident changed her relationship with the world and life as she knew it. It gave her the realization that we are truly blessed to be alive. After she healed her body with food, she made it her life’s purpose to educate the world about the healing power of plant-based whole foods and a healthy lifestyle rooted in compassion for the planet. 

Danielle is a professional educator, internationally renowned chef, published author of 7 cookbooks and an award-winning vegan influencer. She is a best-selling co-author and has been on the TedX stageShe has also been featured in over 40 podcasts, 50+ magazine articles, several online summit series and catered over 50 retreats, including almost 30 in-person Raw Food Chef Certification Trainings.

Her professional career includes a stint as a college professor, a Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Consultant at a tropical wellness resort and designing and teaching over 350 students, online and in-person, through her Online Culinary Arts Institute and in-person Holistic Wellness Retreats. She lives on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua and frequently donates her time and passion to teach healthy cooking skills within her local community.

Location and Accommodation

La Vida Bonita, Ometepe

Our Raw Food Chef School Nicaragua is based on the Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua at a place called La Vida Bonita. It’s a brand new place, circa 2022 where in fact, we are still in the middle of building our dream kitchen! We will be ready to host our program in January 2025.

We are a school and students stay off-site during the 32-day program. There are many hotels, hostels and beautiful airbnb rentals around the neighbourhood within walking distance. It’s just like school. You arrive in the morning and go to your ‘home away from home’ at the end of the day. As soon as you register for the program, we will contact you to help you find your perfect place to stay

MARCH 10th - APRIL 8th, 2024
NOVEMBER 1ST - November 30th, 2025

Retreat – Raw Food Chef School Nicaragua


Retreat - 25-Day Raw Food Chef Residency

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