More Kind Words

What our graduates are saying about us!
The Pachavega Level One Course dispelled the myths of living foods prep and lifestyle. It’s not just what you eat, but how nutrition can influence your physical and emotional state that truly matters. Danielle Arsenault is a passionate and inspiring teacher who has infused this desire to live life to its fullest in me and many others.
Clara Hughes
6-time Olympic Medalist & Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Member
This is a practical course that teaches you not only how to make amazing healthful food, but teaches you the science of why we would eat this way. The way the course is structured really heps to maximize the time for optimum absorption of the information. I have learned skills here that I will use for the rest of my life. Thank you Danielle for creating this inspirational course!
Melissa Sutton
Health and Wellness Coach
Calgary, Canada
Before coming to Pachavega I had been transitioning to plant-based of life. It was a slow process because I wanted to do it responsibly, nutritionally. Taking this course not only jump started the process, it accelerated the process by giving me tools and education to know how to eat a nutrient dense menu. Totally worth every penny and an investment in myself from a health perspective!
Dorothy Feeley
Florida, USA
This course provided so many new tips and foods to incorporate into the diet to improve overall health. The recipes include a range of options to adapt to specific dietary needs and/or goals. This course is for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of nutrition and the amazing power of plants to heal and ignite. 
Bobbie Jo Traut
Washington, D.C., USA
I had the best time these two weeks with Pachavega’s Living Foods Chef Immersion Course taking my Advanced Living Food Chef Certification. It would not have been the same experience with anyone else. Danielle is an absolute delight to be around, totally hilarious, and completely knowledgeable on nutrition, health and food. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, raw food and the like but I was blown away at how much I learned and how much I am taking away from this course. The course is inspiring, informative, fun and engaging. It’s a lot of information and the way Danielle delivers the content makes it understandable and easy to remember as she is a wealth of cool stories. Thank you so much!
Heather Bowen
Calgary, AB, Canada
This course had it all. The instructors, the food, the location, the incredible depth of knowledge that was shared about the plant-based lifestyle and how we can help in create a more sustainable and healthy world, this course had it all and every aspect was amazing. It helped me to find my next step in my life. It cleaned up exactly what I thought it would, that I absolutely want to cut the poisons out of my diet and treat my body with love and respect. Danielle is an inspiration. She is one of the most vibrant, talented and passionate people I have ever met. Her ability to share her perspective in a positive way will definitely change the way the world talks about a plant-based diet.
Josh Reynolds
Chicago, IL, USA
Danielle gives you the practical and hands on tools that I felt was missing from the CSNN program. I am now feeling 100% more confident as a C.H.N.C upon the completion of my CSSN program and Pachavega’s Raw Food Certification. Danielle is such an inspiration and has made me feel more confident in myself and the path I am on. I can honestly say that the 2 weeks I have spent with Danielle have been life changing. I am feeling more inspired than ever and I can’t wait to take what I have learned here and share it with the world! Xoxo
Josselyn Turner
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Danielle’s course was so  amazingly  comprehensive. The information that I learned throughout the course was detailed and backed up by scientific research. For someone who does their schooling online, I found it invaluable to be in a classroom setting, learning from Danielle as well as other students. It was such a fun and friendly environment to work in. I would hands-down recommend this prevent anyone looking to further their health. It really helped me to take the next step in my health and wellness journey.
Kelsi Fernie
Calgary, AB, Canada
Coming from a household of doctors, I thought I knew how to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Pachavega’s course has been transformational and eye opening. I am better prepared to start making healthy meals in a simple and fun way!
Andres Castillo
Canmore, Canada/Columbia
Danielle is very knowledgeable, inspiring and a true gem. She offers lots of support and loving kindness. The material and resources she has given us are amazing. She has truly sparked my food creativity and I can’t wait to go out and start my own food line.
Nicole J Hume
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
As a registered holistic nutritionist, I am grateful on so many levels for Danielle and her Raw Food Chef Course from which I have learned so much. Danielle’s impassioned and down to earth teaching style has significantly assisted me in delving much deeper into the “Raw Food” world and to emerge equiped to confidently create an incredible variety of deeply nourishing and satisfying meals. I can’t thank you enough.
Cheryl Crosby
Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Ontario, Canada
Coming into this program, I expected to learn some new things but I truly didn’t expect that Danielle’s passion for raw food would revive me and inspire me. I have learned things that will not only improve my lifestyle, but also help to contribute to the health of my community, the health of the world, and the health of all beings on this planet. I am so very grateful for this newfound information and I am walking away from the course with a full heart and belly and an enlightened mind. XOXO
Mary Ghandi
Puerto Escondido, México
Taking the Pachavega Raw Food Chef Course has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Not only have I learned an incredible amount of knowledge, I have confidence now to implement a raw food, plant-based diet into my life! Danielle is an amazing instructor with so much energy and passion – you can’t help but feel motivated to help change the world by day 10
Jennifer Roach
Calgary, AB, Canada
Definitely worth flying all the way from Australia for! Pachavega is definitely one of the most comprehensive courses I have found. Danielle creates such an amazing and supportive environment where you are able to be yourself and connect with like-minded people. Best experience of my life!
Ashleigh Lezenic
Brisbane, Australia
This class has opened my eyes and heart to the power of food. Danielle has a way of inspiring those around her. Her vitality is boundless; the information is life-saving. Now, I feel prepared to truly nourish my body and soul. One of the best life-skills courses out there!
Moneca Renay
Calgary, AB, Canada
A Perfect Journey of potential Self-realization. If you feel stuck or in need of a transition in one or areas of you life, I highly recommend taking Danielle’s Heal and Ignite Raw Food Course.  Danielle teaches the course with so much joy and shares an incredible amount of knowledge
Natasha Mackesy
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Designed with passion, integrity and a whole lot of love. You might as well consider this life school.
Keia Dreger
Edmonton, AB, Canada
This is an Amazing course! Danielle’s knowledge is incredible! It was so important to learn all this for me, my family and all of my friends. Lots of Love!
Danielle Jean
Canmore, AB, Canada
After graduating from the CSNN, Pachavega Certification was the perfect combination to my knowledge. I got to learn a lot of techniques in the kitchen and practiced everything I needed to know to be fully independent and creative in this new journey of focusing more on whole plant-based food. I believe it is very important to have pleasure while cooking and “prepping our own food. Danielle succeeded in showing us how simple raw food can be. I feel excited to share with my family and friends. I will recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in the kitchen or simply want to improve their health through healthy, nourishing foods. Thank you for your patience, Danielle.
Roxanne Turcotte
Montreal, QB, Canada
I love how this course answered many questions I had about how to transition off of animal foods, like how to substitute my salmon oil, probiotic and vitamin supplements, since I have been spending $300 or more a month for 4 years on these. It blew my mind in my quest to learn how to make healthy food taste good and it was much easier than I thought. Danielle is so incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. I’ve been looking for 5 years to find this information. This course provided that for me! It was that awesome!
Roni-lil Shapka
Calgary, AB, Canada
Thanks for educating me on a lifestyle which I was skeptical about. You have provided me with armfuls of knowledge and the power that goes along with that. I’m looking forward to incorporating consciousness into my lifestyle. Thanks for an engrossing 10 days.
Sheryl Whyte
Calgary, AB, Canada
Danielle has created such an amazing course! I have thoroughly enjoyed every second and can’t wait to incorporate the knowledge and skills I’ve learned into my every day life. Danielle is very knowledgeable, talented and an all-around beautiful person. To anyone looking for a life-changing experience I highly recommend this course to you.
Christine Freisen
Stettler, AB, Canada
Learning online was great! I enjoyed working at my own pace and at my own convenience. The course material was easy to follow and the demo videos provided clear instructions making me feel like Danielle was with me in my kitchen teaching me these skills. Any questions that I had were also quickly answered, as well as feedback and support along the way.
Anne Blinn
Shediac, NB, Canada
I absolutely loved this course! I’ve been a chef in restaurants and resorts for almost 20 years and I found so many new techniques in the Pachavega Level One Nutrition Fundamentals course that I will use at home and at work! My lifestyle and eating habits have also completely changed for the better and it has had a rippling effect on family and friends. Anyone wanting to go vegan or who needs to cook for vegans should do this course to get the proper nutrition information and skills to to it properly.
Julie Triska
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
I truly recommend Pachavega's courses, especially if you want to live a healthier life, and learn how to do it in a delicious way. Knowledge is power. One of the biggest takeaways from the course was: We all have to wake up and do better for our world, even if we start small, by changing our diet and eating more and more plant based food. I really enjoyed the course.
Beatrix Popper
Vancouver, BC, Canada
I learned so much about plant-based nutrition and I liked all the modules! It was a lot to work on every week, but well worth the effort! I made so many dishes that I would not have been exposed to otherwise. So grateful to cross paths with Danielle and the women in the guided semester- we became a food family! 😊 If you are interested in learning about plant-based nutrition and making some amazing raw food recipes, this is the course for you! Danielle is a great ambassador to the raw food lifestyle!
Anne Wynn
Arizona, USA
This was such an amazing class and I would recommend it to everyone. Danielle is an excellent teacher and she broke everything down in such a systematic way that you did not feel overwhelmed. After taking this class I have a completely different view on plant-based nutrition and feel even more empowered with the new found knowledge that I have. I always thought of myself as a health-conscious person but now that I have delved into it even further I realize how little I actually knew .. I feel very confident now when it comes to putting together healthy plant-based meals for my friends and family. It really was so much fun and the class was filled with so many unexpected insights and points of view. The videos that she put together really helped to strengthen the foundation because you can listen to them over and over and learn something new each time. The weekly classes were so much fun with the other students and everyone encourages each other. I feel like my health has improved. I am flying with energy from all the super nutrient rich foods and I have much more confidence in the kitchen preparing the most delicious amazing plant-based meals. I will not be missing dairy, meats or cheeses because these plant-based ingredients and super foods give you all the nutrition and the best flavors that there is no need to add any other ingredients.Danielle is filled with pure energy, love and light and is a living example of how you can thrive On a raw food diet. Even if you don’t want to be completely raw or even completely vegan or vegetarian the knowledge that you will learn in this class will improve your life and help the planet. it is the best most well organized curriculum I have come across .Whatever you do Don’t Hesitate!!!!! Sign Up Now.!!!!
Ingrid Arneberg
Los Angeles. CA, USA