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Intuitive Nutrition

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Heal your Body and Ignite your Spirit

Are you ready to take your health and wellness to the next level? To finally rid yourself of pesky heath issues and thrive – as you were born to do? Every year over 100 students take my online training with Pachavega, but only a handful are coached personally by me each year. 

Pachavega’s integrative and holistic approach to health, has the core foundations rooted in food as medicine but also looks beyond food to consider other areas of life that need nourishment, like career, physical activity, and relationships. Through a holistic vegan, plant-based diet, we will nourish the body on a cellular level and tweak your daily nutrition to support your ultimate healing with the guidance of Internationally renown Raw Food Chef and PLant Based Nutrition Educator, Danielle Arsenault. 

Your Customized Intuitive Nutrition Coaching Includes...

  • Accountability and Integration Coaching – How to make it happen
  • WhatsApp access – questions answered within 8 hours (Just send Danielle a text!)
  • Weekly check-in’s, one-on-one hour-long calls with Danielle
  • A Variety of Delicious Recipes
  • How-to-Make Recipe Demo Videos
  • *Limited Clients Accepted Each Year

Build a Unique Personalized Program​

Whether you use custom health coaching as a stand-alone program or as an add-on to something you are already doing, you’ll get the ultimate flexibility to build a program with me that meets you right where you’re at and takes you precisely where you want to go. 

During our complimentary Discovery Consultation we’ll discuss your health challenges and determine the frequency and amount of sessions we’ll need to overcome them.

Then, during the initial call, we’ll dive deep to create a personalized program and begin taking the first steps towards health. But your program is never set in stone — it can easily be adjusted as you meet your goals or encounter different challenges along the way. In a short time, we will discover the best wellness routines that work for you and empower you to meet your unique health goals. 

Flexible and Cost-Effective

  • One Free Discovery Consultation*
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly one-on-one sessions depending on your needs
  • Customized Food and Grocery Lists
  • Tasty New Recipes
  • Whatsapp text support
  • Electronic program materials (PDF’s, Infographics, Workbooks)
  • Daily Journaling 
  • Optimize your Mindset and Lifestyle
  • By empowering you, I help you meet your business goals and grow as individuals.
  • *Personalized Intuitive Nutrition coaching packages are offered as a block of sessions with a four-session minimum, including the first at no cost.
Online Raw Food Chef Certificate

Introducing Your Coach...

Danielle Arsenault, founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education, is a passionate Raw Food Chef and Plant Based Nutrition Educator. In 2011 a near-death rock climbing accident changed her relationship with the world and life as she knew it. It gave her the realization that we are truly blessed to be alive. After she healed her body with food, she made it her life’s purpose to educate the world about the healing power of plant-based whole foods and a healthy lifestyle rooted in compassion for the planet. 

Danielle is a professional educator, internationally renowned chef, published author of 7 cookbooks and an award-winning vegan influencer. She is a best-selling co-author and has been on the TedX stageShe has also been featured in over 40 podcasts, 50+ magazine articles, several online summit series and catered over 50 retreats, including almost 30 in-person Raw Food Chef Certification Trainings.

Her professional career includes a stint as a college professor, a Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Consultant at a tropical wellness resort and designing and teaching over 350 students, online and in-person, through her Online Culinary Arts Institute and in-person Holistic Wellness Retreats. She lives on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua and frequently donates her time and passion to teach healthy cooking skills within her local community.

Why Work With Me?

I have a plethora of tools (and healing recipes) in my toolbox to share with you. Whether you want to lose weight or detoxify safely, I can teach you the skills and strategies you need to refind your true self. In a combination of proprietary exercises and intention setting and goal-oriented work, you will learn how food can heal the body on a cellular level. By taking my  advice and doing the work necessary, you will shift your lifestyle towards one of abundant health.

It’s time to anchor in a sense of gratification and enduring joy – to find your true purpose in life that makes a meaningful difference. In my 12+ years as a Raw Food Chef and Nutrition Coach, I know for certain, a positive lifestyle and eating plants can change everything for the better and there is no better time than now to start.

Retreat - 25-Day Raw Food Chef Residency
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