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Raw Food Chef Certification

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Our Most Comprehensive Online Plant-Based Nutrition Education meets Raw Food Culinary Arts Course will empower you to take back your health and create healthy AND delicious plant-based cuisine for your family, your clients and yourself from the comfort of your own kitchen!

We start July 2nd, 2024!

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Once you register, you will get immediate access to the Online Raw Food Chef Certification Program. You can begin at your own pace, snoop around and start working on the modules at your own pace. Then, we meet all together on July 1st to begin our guided journey together, with weekly check-ins and group coaching for a full year on a unique schedule that flows with the intensity of the program. 

This is your year - Become a Certified Raw Food Chef
The Guided Year Begins July 2nd, 2024!

The Guided Year - What is it?

Do you think you will be one of our next Certified Raw Food Chefs? Every year over 100 students take the Raw Food Chef Certification with Pachavega but only 8 are invited to join each comprehensive Guided Year which we host only once per year. 

We offer the Raw Food Chef Certification in a Guided Year to connect more with the community and forge relationships with other like-minded souls. Doing a self-paced course is awesome for those who like to work at their own pace when they can squeeze it in. However, I recognize many of us are craving more connection and accountability. By starting and finishing together, we will hold each other responsible and on average, complete 1 module of the course per week. Within each week, you’ll have the freedom to work through the curriculum when you schedule your time. But let’s be serious. This is a serious program. There is a lot of work involved… you’re going back to school.

We look forward to welcoming you into our small community of students who will interact with each other virtually by participating in weekly calls to discuss the module of the week, wins, spills, joys and revelations. In these one hour calls hosted by Danielle Arsenault, our founder, each week we will meet with the other students on an online video Zoom call where you’ll be able to ask any question that comes up along the way. This journey is guided. You are not alone. You are fully supported. 

What's Included in the Guided Year?

  • 52 Weeks of Personalized Group Coaching
  • Small, intimate group
  • Safe and Supportive Container
  • Personalized instructor support and feedback 
  • Weekly calls to connect via Zoom calls for live Q&A feedback with Danielle Arsenault for 1 year + recorded videos for life ($9,000 value)
  • What’s App Private Chat Group: Questions answered within 12 hours
  • PDF copies of the course textbook (400+ pages)
  • Lifetime access to the Digital Raw Food Chef Certification Course ($3000+ value)
  • Certified Raw Food Chef Accreditation (CRFC)
  • Connect with inspirational change-makers from around the world and be each others’ support system and accountability buddies
  • Private Facebook Group with the Pachavega Community

Why this Course is Different?

This course is unique in the world. There is nothing else quite like it. Over the course of a year, during our comprehensive online training we will learn a multitude of skills and techniques that will ensure confidence in the kitchen. We also dive deep into the nutrition facts and science that supports a plant-based, whole and raw foods lifestyle. Be prepared for hands-on food preparation, nutrition demos and the creation of your own gourmet meals, guided step by step the entire way by professional chefs and educators. It’s a Professional Culinary Arts Course meets Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals University-Level Education.

Our Guided Year is set up as a 1 year online program where, no matter what field you come from, you will learn the tools and strategies you need to become a Certified Raw Food Chef (CRFC). It is “guided”  because our tight-knit group of change-makers meets once a week on zoom for a year with the founder of Pachavega, Danielle Arsenault – that’s 52 weeks of group coaching to support, inspire and hold each other accountable. 

We have people from all over the world joining our trainings for the purpose of creating a positive relationship with healthy food habits. They dream of serving others and spreading the message of how food can heal the body on a cellular level. This gives them an anchoring sense of gratification and enduring joy – a true purpose in life that makes a meaningful difference.

The Curriculum

Level One

Module 1
Intro to a Nutrient-dense, Plant-based Lifestyle

  • Release what is no longer serving you
  • Quick Start Recipes
  • Clean Your Fridge and Pantry
  • Discover Key
    components of a nutritious diet and how to support total body wellness 
  • Practice using the most
    useful kitchen equipment
  • RECIPES: Green Beauty Smoothie, Choco-Cardamom Smoothie, Cashew Sour Cream

Module 2
Flavor Balancing

  • Prepare your Palette like that of a savvy chef with wizard-like culinary
  • Lean into the subtlety of Salty, Sweet, Sour, Bitter, Umami and Spicy.
  • Uncover the secrets of super tasty plant based
  • RECIPES: Grawnola, Delicious Stewed Fruit and Bean Free Chili

Module 3
Knife Skills

  • Learn to use a knife like a professional.
  • Discover important knife safety rules, proper storage
  • Practice the most useful knife cuts 
  • RECIPES: Pad Thai Salad, Romaine Tacos with Pickled Onions and Mango Cream

Module 4
Sustainability and Ethical Choices

  • Dive into the organic movement, discussing GMO’s and Our own choices
  • Contemplate where our food comes from and what was required to get it there.
  • Discover hidden food additives and how to avoid them.
  • RECIPES: Local Garden Gazpacho, Soggy Salad Crackers

Module 5
Soaking, Sprouting and Growing Greens

  • Discover the health benefits of sprouted beans, seeds and nuts and how they can enhance your nutrition intake substantially.
  • Learn how to grow them at home in seconds a day.
  • See why wheatgrass is considered a superfood
  • RECIPES: Energy Soup, Face Scrub, Wheatgrass and Sprouted Lentil Salad

Module 6
Digestion and Gut Health

  • Answer the question “How do we repair our digestive system?”
  • Learn about food combining and digestion times of various foods.
  • Discover the foods, herbs and spices that can help aid digestion.
  • RECIPES: Love your Liver Salad and Simple Spiced Vinaigrette

Module 7
Cleansing and Detoxification

  • Learn all about cleansing and detoxification.
  • Start to detoxify your body
    naturally, and see how your pH can affect your health.
  • Watch for other alternative cleansing therapies such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Far Infrared Saunas and Dry Brushing
    RECIPES: Tangy Ginger Kelp Noodle Soup, Lust for Life Elixir, Blood Builders Brew

Module 8
The Magic of Fermentation and Cultured Foods

  • Boost your immunity and rebalance gut flora in this module.
  • Learn to make your own
    probiotic-rich kimchi, sauerkraut and fermented hot sauce while discovering the incredible benefits of fermented foods.
  • RECIPES: Different Sauerkrauts, Kimchi, Kombucha, Lemon Kefir, Rejuvelac, Fermented Goji Berry Hot Sauce

Module 9
Nut-free Cuisine and Food Allergies

  • Delve into which foods cause the most allergies.
  • Learn the secrets to reduce your allergic load and sensitivities to potentially allergenic foods.
  • Discover delicious sweet and savory nut substitutions
  • RECIPES: Pear Lemongrass Salsa, Curried Goji Berry Relish, Pesto Kalamata Tapenade

Module 10
Seaweeds and Algae

  • Study the health benefits of Seaweed and Algae.
  • See how seaweeds and algae can benefit specific parts of the body
  • Discover all types of edible sea vegetables
  • RECIPES: Kale Caesar Salad, Sesame Parm, Save the Sea Pate in Nori Rolls

Module 11
Fitness Foods and Nutrition for Athletes

  • Understand the macronutrients that fuel our bodies and why adrenal health is important.
  • Uncover the best foods to compliment your workout and protein-packed recipes.
  • RECIPES: Protein Power Bowl, Cinnamon Maca Energy Gel, Electrolyte Drink and Energy Bite

Module 12
Healing Spices from Around the World

  • Dive into the history and fun facts of spices throughout the centuries.
  • Ponder the unique health benefits of 28 versatile spices from Anise to Vanilla
  • RECIPES: Berbere Spice Blend, Niter Kibbeh Oil Infusion, Ethiopian Red Lentils and Kaffir Lime Carrot Soup

Module 13
All about Dairy and Healthy Alternatives

  • Learn how the dairy industry has a
    hold on us
  • Discover the amazing alternatives to replace dairy in your diet
  • Try your hand at creating your own signature milkshake recipe!
  • RECIPES: Fresh Nut Mylk, Sesame Banana Mylk Shake, Maca Mesquite Coconut Latte and Basic Fermented Nut Cheese

Module 14
Cooked Comfort Foods to Drool Over

  • Indulge on comfortable foods! Ones that you grew up with, make you feel like home
  • Stir up memories while taking control of your health through nutrient-packed plant-based substitutes.
  • RECIPES: Ginger Butternut Squash Soup, Marinated Moroccan Cauliflower Steaks,
    Ethiopian Red Lentils, Mushroom and Yam Risotto Pan Fry, Thrice Baked Buffalo Broccoli

Final Project Level One
Share your Magic

  • This is your final assignment to bring together all that you have learned in Level One.

Level TWO

Module 15
Gourmet Cultured Foods and Other Ferments

  • Enhance your plant-based knowledge through one of the best-kept health secrets
    and food preservation techniques.
  • Familiarize yourself with the
    different types of  fermentation. 
  • Get to know tempeh – a premium plant-based
  • Make dairy free cashew cheese – a crowd favorite.
  • RECIPES : Creamy Cashew Cheese with Herbs de Provence and Truffle Oil, Smoky Fermented Cilantro Cream, Sharp Smoked Cheddar, Fermented Passionfruit Hot Sauce

Module 16
Master the Crunch of Dehydrated Foods

  • Discover top tips to extend the shelf life of your food, avoid food waste, the best and worst
    foods to dehydrate and making some of the tastiest recipes through dehydration.
  • RECIPES: Fermented Sunflower Cheese Crisps, Almond Pulp Cookies, Raw Pizza Crust,
    Banana Cinnamon Flax Pancakes

Module 17
Food Photography for Social Media

  • Learn tips, tricks and tools to help you level up your Instagram game by capturing mouth-watering photos.
  • RECIPES: Radiant Rainbow Noodles with an Avocado Rose, Beetroot Hummus, Kimchi Collard Parcels with Sesame Mushroom Stuffing and Smoky Fermented Cilantro Cream

Module 18
Plating Presentation and Saucing Techniques

  • All it takes is a little flick of the hand.
  • Explore saucing, garnishing, and plating
    techniques that can instantly yet masterfully turn your food into art.
  • RECIPES: Raw Vegan Lasagna, Beetroot Ravioli, Red Beet Borscht with Cashew Cream

Module 19
Raw Desserts and Superfoods

  • Make your life super and sweet! Discover the top superfoods to integrate into your lifestyle that will boost your health.
  • Learn how to make power-packed, plant-based desserts without compromising flavor.
  • RECIPES: Mason Jar Maca Carrot Cake with Lemony Frosting, Goji Berry Orange Fudge, Matcha Sesame Entremet

Module 20
Medicinal Mushrooms and Ancient Adaptogens

  • Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food!
  • We’ll build our immunity and adapt to stress through food.
  • We’ll harness the healing power of mushrooms and
    performance boosting adaptogens for overall health.
  • RECIPES: Medicinal Shiitake Mushroom Bacon Bits, Shiitake Pho Noodle Soup, Royaltea Latte,
    Vitamin C Bomb Pina Colada Smoothie, Green Spring Iced Alchemy

Module 21
Building Your Wellness Business

  • We’ll teach you how to get started on your business by providing guidelines, discovering factors 
    to consider, and other pointers when planning, developing and launching your holistic wellness business.
  • Optional: Continue with our Holistic Business Coaching Program after becoming a Raw Food Chef.

Module 22
Mindful Menu Planning

  • Integrate everything you’ve learned so far and apply it into your daily life.
  • Plan menus that support your goals and lifestyle, be it for prevention of health risks and conditions or optimal performance in day-to-day or specialized activities.
  • RECIPES: Portobello Mushroom Stack, Mediterranean Red Peppers, Truffle Crearn Cheese

Bonus Module 23
Foods for Fertility, Pregnancy, Childhood and Golden Age

  • Explore the different stages of our lives – from conception to the golden years and how to maximize nutrition for the best state of health at each stage.
  • Check out our Guidelines on which foods to include to and remove from one’s diet based on which stage of life
    they’re in.
  • RECIPES: Sweet or Savoury Superfood Shaker, No Bones Broth, Mason Jar Rainbow Meal-to-go, Real Fruit Roll-ups

Bonus Module 24
Essential Oils in the Raw Food Lifestyle

  • Explore essential oils outside of aromatherapy and massage.
  • Learn how to integrate
    culinary essential oils into your meals
  • Discover the intense flavours and value of essential oils
  • Uncover the health benefits essential oils
  • RECIPES: Mediterranean Infused Salt, Cinnamon, Orange Infused Sugar, Exotic Infused Salt

Graduation Project
The Final Hurrah!

  • Time to Shine and Share your Best!
  • Prepare a Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner and Dessert in a final menu plan.
  • Showcase skills learned and present them in a video presentation
  • Complete the final practical exam: Host a Community Dinner or Cater a Retreat
  • Get Ready to become a Certified Raw Food Chef!

We'll Keep You on Track and Shorten That Gap
Between Where You Are and Where You Want To Be.

Online Raw Food Chef Certificate

This is More than just a Certification... It's a Lifestyle Shift!​

If you’re looking at becoming a certified Raw Food Chef or you just want to arm yourself with nutrition knowledge and a bunch of new delicious recipes, you’ve come to the right place. You do not need to be vegan or raw or 100% of anything to take this course. We believe in trying our best and making mistakes in moderation. Which is why you’ll even see a bonus module in this course – “Cooked Comfort Foods to Drool Over” – because after 300+ students, we know that falling off the wagon is normal and to cheat a little is human. 

It’s not about what you do occasionally that will have the greatest impact on your life and overall health – it’s what you do consistently that matters. This is not another fad diet. This is life.

Wherever you are, it’s perfect. We honor where you are at. No matter what stage of your journey. You’re doing your very best with the tools and skills you have right now. 

But the exciting news is, you’re ready to make a change, a shift for the better.  At Pachavega, we’re all about small, permanent lifestyle changes. This course is for you if you’re ready and willing to make the change you’ve always wanted to and we’ll be here, guiding you the whole way! Your future is now. 

Online Raw Food Chef Certificate

Our trainings are for...

✔ the stay-at-home mom

✔ the nutritionist

✔ the Chinese medicine doctor

✔ the new retiree

✔ the red seal chef

✔ the professional athlete

✔ those looking for a new career

✔ those looking to enhance their nutrition intake

✔ the fresh out of high school

✔ The seasoned entrepreneur 

… and many more. All these types of people have taken Pachavega’s Raw Food Chef Certification Course.

What we have in common is a desire to create healthy whole food recipes for our families, loved ones, clients and ourselves. We want to know how to help our body do what is designed to do, heal itself.

This course offers an in-depth study into a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle as a means to heal your body and ignite your spirit of adventure and passion to get you into the kitchen and experiment and in turn, improve your health and wellbeing for life.

We start July 2nd, 2024!

Save $2000 OFF our Online Guided Year Program

~ Pre-register and Save ~

Before Monday, May 31st at Midnight Pacific Time

(Only 8 Spots available)


The Guided Year

Raw Food Chef Certification

Regular Retail Price: $5550

Until May 31st: $3996

($2000 0FF - Only 10 Spots Available)

What are Graduates Saying about
Pachavega's Raw Food Chef Certification?

The Pachavega Level One Course dispelled the myths of living foods prep and lifestyle.
It’s not just what you eat, but how nutrition can influence your physical and emotional state that truly matters. Danielle Arsenault is a passionate and inspiring teacher who has infused this desire to live life to its fullest in me and many others."
Clara Hughes
6-time Olympic Medalist & Canadian Sports Hall of Fame Member
I have learned skills that I will use for the rest of my life
This is a practical course that teaches you not only how to make amazing healthful food, but teaches you the science of why we would eat this way. The way the course is structured really helps to maximize the time for optimum absorption of the information. Thank you Danielle for creating this inspirational course!
Melissa Sutton
Health and Wellness Coach
Calgary, Canada
I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, raw food and the like but I was blown away at how much I learned and how much I am taking away from this course.
I had the best time these two weeks with Pachavega’s Living Foods Chef Immersion Course taking my Advanced Living Food Chef Certification. It would not have been the same experience with anyone else. Danielle is an absolute delight to be around, totally hilarious, and completely knowledgeable on nutrition, health and food. The course is inspiring, informative, fun and engaging. It’s a lot of information and the way Danielle delivers the content makes it understandable and easy to remember as she is a wealth of cool stories. Thank you so much!
Heather Bowen
Calgary, AB, Canada
Danielle is an inspiration. She is one of the most vibrant, talented and passionate people I have ever met.
This course had it all. The instructors, the food, the location, the incredible depth of knowledge that was shared about the plant-based lifestyle and how we can help in create a more sustainable and healthy world. It helped me to find my next step in my life. It cleaned up exactly what I thought it would, that I absolutely want to cut the poisons out of my diet and treat my body with love and respect. Her ability to share her perspective in a positive way will definitely change the way the world talks about a plant-based diet.
Josh Reynolds
Chicago, IL, USA

The Guided Year

Raw Food Chef Certification

Regular Retail Price: $5550

Until May 31st: $3996

($2000 0FF - Only 10 Spots Available)

Pachavega is 11 years old! With over 400+ happy, healthy, inspired and empowered graduates, we are gearing up for the our Guided Year!

Are you ready for a life-changing experience?
It's time to transform your health now!

More Testimonials

I can honestly say that the time I have spent with Danielle has been life changing.

Danielle gives you the practical and hands on tools that I felt was missing from the CSNN program. I am now feeling 100% more confident as a C.H.N.C upon the completion of my CSSN program and Pachavega’s Raw Food Certification. Danielle is such an inspiration and has made me feel more confident in myself and the path I am on. I am feeling more inspired than ever and I can’t wait to take what I have learned here and share it with the world! Xoxo
Josselyn Turner​
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Danielle’s course was so amazingly comprehensive. The information that I learned throughout the course was detailed and backed up by scientific research.

For someone who does their schooling online, I found it invaluable to be in a classroom setting, learning from Danielle as well as other students. It was such a fun and friendly environment to work in. I would hands-down recommend this prevent anyone looking to further their health. It really helped me to take the next step in my health and wellness journey.
Kelsi Fernie
Calgary, AB, Canada

Coming into this program, I expected to learn some new things but I truly didn’t expect that Danielle’s passion for raw food would revive me and inspire me.

I have learned things that will not only improve my lifestyle, but also help to contribute to the health of my community, the health of the world, and the health of all beings on this planet. I am so very grateful for this newfound information and I am walking away from the course with a full heart and belly and an enlightened mind. XOXO
Mary Ghandi
Puerto Escondido, México

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