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This course is unique in the world. There is nothing else quite like it. Over the course of a year, during our comprehensive online training we will learn a multitude of skills and techniques that will ensure confidence in the kitchen. We also dive deep into the nutrition facts and science that supports a plant-based, whole and raw foods lifestyle. Be prepared for hands-on food preparation, nutrition demos and the creation of your own gourmet meals, guided step by step the entire way by professional chefs and educators. It’s a Professional Culinary Arts Course meets Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals University-Level Education.

Our Guided Year is set up as a 1 year online program where, no matter what field you come from, you will learn the tools and strategies you need to become a Certified Raw Food Chef (CRFC). It is “guided”  because our tight-knit group of change-makers meets once a week on zoom for a year with the founder of Pachavega, Danielle Arsenault – with approximately 45 weeks of group coaching to support, inspire and hold each other accountable . 

We have people from all over the world joining our trainings for the purpose of creating a positive relationship with healthy food habits. They dream of serving others and spreading the message of how food can heal the body on a cellular level. This gives them an anchoring sense of gratification and enduring joy – a true purpose in life that makes a meaningful difference.