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Heal & Ignite

Heal & Ignite

Course Options

  • Includes 3 videos, each 40+ minutes long
  • 15+ staple recipes including 5 Flavour-Bomb Sauces and a Medicinal Souper Soup Stock
  • It’s All About the Sauce Ebook
  • Bonus Flavour Balancing Video
  • Build Your Own Green Smoothie Chart
  • Top 5 Gut Health Habits
  • 5 Step Morning Routine
  • Everything included in the Basic Package PLUS
  • The Self-paced 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge
  • 21 days – daily check-in email with video
  • Daily Science Spotlight
  • 21+ Delicious Recipes by Danielle Arsenault, Raw Food Chef and Plant based Nutrition Educator
  • Meal Prep only 6 times in 21 days
  • Countless Protips for Food Sustainability and Easy Meal Planning
  • Private Facebook Group to share successes and revelations
  • Bonus Recipes
  • More Energy, Deeper Sleep, Happy Gut, Uplifted Mood, Better Digestion, More Joy and Gratitude for life…
  • Everything Included in the Basic AND Pro Package PLUS
  • 2 50-minute calls with Danielle Arsenault before and after the Gut Reset Challenge
  • Personalized Recommendations based on where you are and where you want to be 

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Heal & Ignite Masterclass



Class Description

Class One

  • Shift your Mindset and aim for the 80/20 Ratio
  • Rebuild a Positive Relationship with Food
  • Discover the 5-Step Morning Routine that will set you up for success each day
  • Why Raw Food?
  • Choose-your-own Adventure Smoothies
  • Foundation Daily Dinner Bowl - What it actually looks like!
  • Class Two

  • Heal the Gut and the Body
  • Detoxification 101
  • Revive Your Immune System from the Inside Out
  • The Micrbiome and how we can support it
  • Probiotic, prebiotics and postbiotics
  • Class Three

  • 10 Best Prep Techniques for a Plant Based Kitchen
  • Easy ways to implement permanent dietary changes
  • It's All About the Sauce: 5 Staples Sauces to Rawk your World
  • How to Revolutionize your Health from the Comfort of your kitchen!
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