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Heal & Ignite

Heal and Ignite Online Masterclass

Heal & Ignite

Heal and Ignite Online Masterclass

Pachavega’s Online Heal and Ignite Masterclass is a whirlwind all-in-one lifestyle upgrade meets culinary-secrets-revealed power course. It truly is a masterclass. In just 2 hours, you’ll learn a variety of base recipes that encourage experiment, devour the hottest kitchen tips that save you time and learn to make delicious food that can heal your body and ignite your spirit because it taste so so good! Seriously delicious! 

What is included?

  • Includes 3 videos, each 40+ minutes long
  • 15+ staple recipes including 5 Flavour-Bomb Sauces and a Medicinal Souper Soup Stock
  • It’s All About the Sauce Ebook
  • Bonus Flavour Balancing Video
  • Build Your Own Green Smoothie Chart
  • Top 5 Gut Health Habits
  • 5 Step Morning Routine

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Online – Masterclass


Class Description

Class One

  • Shift your Mindset and aim for the 80/20 Ratio
  • Rebuild a Positive Relationship with Food
  • Discover the 5-Step Morning Routine that will set you up for success each day
  • Why Raw Food?
  • Choose-your-own Adventure Smoothies
  • Foundation Daily Dinner Bowl - What it actually looks like!
  • Class Two

  • Heal the Gut and the Body
  • Detoxification 101
  • Revive Your Immune System from the Inside Out
  • The Micrbiome and how we can support it
  • Probiotic, prebiotics and postbiotics
  • Class Three

  • 10 Best Prep Techniques for a Plant Based Kitchen
  • Easy ways to implement permanent dietary changes
  • It's All About the Sauce: 5 Staples Sauces to Rawk your World
  • How to Revolutionize your Health from the Comfort of your kitchen!
  • Danielle Arsenault will share with you her best kept secrets that which makes her an award-winning vegan influencer, expert plant-based nutrition educator and internationally renown raw food chef.  She’ll teach you how to become the master of your own health and wellness. Pachavega was designed to bring you back home – home to your roots, to your connection with food, and to your healthiest self.

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