Level One

Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals Certificate


Level One

Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals Certificate

We will begin our journey to optimal health and wellness through the practical application of a plant-based lifestyle. Discover the nutritional benefits of whole foods and how they can support total body wellness. With hands-on kitchen time and recipe creating, this course will provide a basic understanding of a plant-based. whole foods diet, the skills how to make gourmet recipes and the foundation of a nutrition education for life.

  • This course is an introduction to the organic lifestyle, kitchen skills, and detecting when a food is approaching rancidity
  • We will cover basic knife skills, kitchen set-up, the in’s and out’s of a raw food kitchen and all the ingredients used and how to use different kitchen equipment
  • We will practice how to taste balance and discover flavor combinations using spices around the world
  • We will learn techniques such as how to ferment foods, such as cashew sour cream and kimchi and how to grow your own sprouts
  • This course guides us through transitioning towards a plant-based, raw food diet, staying active, and how to source our macro-nutrients sustainably.

Upcoming Courses:

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

September, 2021 – Dates TBA

Wanderlust Utopia, Ometepe, Nicaragua

January 2nd – 12th, 2022
November 5th – 14th, 2022

Course Details

  • 9 days
  • Module 1: Intro to a Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Lifestyle
  • Module 2: Flavor Balancing
  • Module 3: Knife Skills
  • Module 4: Sustainability and Ethical Choices
  • Module 5: Soaking, Sprouting and Growing Greens
  • Module 6: Digestion and Gut Health
  • Module 7: Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Module 8: The Magic of Fermentation and Cultured Foods
  • Module 9: Nut-free Cuisine and Food Allergies
  • Module 10: Seaweeds and Algae
  • Module 11: Fitness Foods and Nutrition for Athletes
  • Module 12: Healing Spices from Around the World
  • Module 13: All about Dairy and Healthy Alternatives
  • Module 14: Cooked Comfort Foods to Drool Over
  • Foundation Staple Foods
  • Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Knife Skills
  • Flavor Balancing
  • How to Stock your Kitchen
  • Soaking and Sprouting
  • Cultured and Fermented Foods, Kimchi and Kraut
  • Sustainability and Ethical Choices
  • Nut-Free Cuisine and Food Sensitivities
  • Detoxification and Your pH
  • Healthy Digestion and your Gut Microbiome
  • Foods the Promote Digestion
  • Tips and Tricks for Healthy Detoxification
  • Healing Spices from Around the World
  • Make different Sauerkrauts, Kimchi,  Kombucha, Bubble Tea, Lemon Apricot Molasses Kefir, Rejuvelac, Fermented Goji Berry Hot Sauce, Energy Soup, Face Scrub, Wheatgrass and Sprouted Lentil Salad ,Love your Liver Salad and Simple Spiced Vinaigrette, Pear Lemongrass Salsa, Curried Goji Berry Relish, Pesto Kalamata Tapenade, Kale Caesar Salad, Sesame Parm, Save the Sea Pate in Nori Rolls, Berbere Spice Blend, Niter Kibbeh Oil, Infusion, Ethiopian Red Lentils and Kaffir Lime Carrot Soup, Protein Power Bowl, Cinnamon Maca Energy Gel, Electrolyte Drink with Ginger, Lemon Lime Energy Bites, Ginger Butternut Squash Soup, Marinated Moroccan Cauliflower Steaks, Ethiopian Red Lentils, Mushroom and Yam Risotto Pan Fry, Thrice Baked Buffalo Broccoli Bites, Fresh Nut Mylk, Sesame Banana Mylk Shake, Maca Mesquite Coconut Latte and Basic Fermented Nut Cheese, etc. 

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