21 Day

Gut Reset Challenge

21 Day Gut Reset Challenge

21 Day

Gut Reset

21 Day Gut Reset Challenge

I invite you to join this one-of-a-kind CHALLENGE. Learn how to replenish your gut with beneficial strains of bacteria, learning to eat more fibre and ridding yourself of the inflammatory-causing microbial harmful bacteria. The catch? You have to DO. You have to MAKE. You have to EAT. You can’t just watch and read.

This challenge is a holistic approach to kick starting your Gut Health for life that includes diet, lifestyle modifications, stress reduction and targeted supplements. But, honestly, for most people, 21 days is not long enough. If you have serious gut issues, it may take anywhere from 90 days to 12 months to really reset the microbial balance within your digestive system and if it’s really bad, you might even want to consult a health care provider… in any case… take this 21 Day challenge as the beginning of your journey. We are here, planting the seeds for you. It is up to you to water and nurture these lifestyle habits.

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Online - 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge - Self paced

*The 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge is a self-paced challenge which will begin 7 days after your purchase. Upon purchase you will receive an automatic email with your grocery and prep list! Do this right away and then prepare yourself mentally for a 24-hour water fast which begins on Day Zero (the day before Day 1)*



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  • Bonus Recipes
  • More Energy, Deeper Sleep, Happy Gut, Uplifted Mood, Better Digestion, More Joy and Gratitude for life…

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