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Raw Food Chef

Level One & Two Online Course

Raw Food Chef

Level One & Two Online Course

Become a Certified Raw Food Chef. Master the art of flavor balancing, menu design, presentation, plating, raw desserts and gourmet raw cuisine. In this course, we will delve into more advanced themes and techniques that cater to a Plant-based Whole and Raw Foods Lifestyle. Be prepared for hands-on food preparation, nutrition demos and the creation of your own gourmet raw dessert.

You have a lot of experience already in the kitchen. You have the passion, but you want to up your game, you want to take it that extra step, get officially certified so that you can share this knowledge and do it as a job. Take your passion and make it your career.

You want to be the plant based expert in your community that everybody turns to, in fact, you probably already are! You know you were born to captain you own ship, and you are ready! It’s time to go pro. It’s time to be the bridge between healthy and delicious. 

In Pachavega’s Online Raw Food Chef Certification Training, here is what you will get: 

  • 22 Modules of Incredibly Valuable, Online Training ($6578 Value)
  • Video Training on how to make delicious recipes in your own kitchen and Pro Top Tips to cut corners but not quality
  • BONUS: Printable Infographic Cheat Sheets and Additional Plant-based Resources ($600 Value)
  • BONUS Module: How to Start your own Holistic Business ($2450 Value)
  • BONUS Module: Essential Oils in the Raw Food Lifestyle ($250 Value)
*The Level One & Two Online Course is available at Your Own Pace or through our comprehensive 30 Week Guided Semester (see details below).

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Online - Level One & Two



Comprehensive Guided Semester

We offer a Guided Semester where we meet virtually once per week on Zoom at a certain time with students all over the world. By starting on a certain day and finishing within a certain time frame, we will hold each other accountable and complete 1 module of the course per week. Within each week, you’ll have the freedom to work through the curriculum when you have the time. When we see each other weekly, we’ll share our bloopers and revelations, ask questions and clarifications.

The Guided Semester is available for both Level 1 and Level 2.

Only 10 Spaces Available. For Serious and Committed Students Only.

The next Guided Semester begins February 15th and September 1st, 2022

Your Own Pace

  • Approximately 300 hours (or 6 months)

Guided Semester

  • 30 Weeks
    • Start Dates – February 15th and September 1st, 2022
  • Module 1: Intro to a Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Lifestyle
  • Module 2: Flavor Balancing
  • Module 3: Knife Skills
  • Module 4: Sustainability and Ethical Choices
  • Module 5: Soaking, Sprouting and Growing Greens
  • Module 6: Digestion and Gut Health
  • Module 7: Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Module 8: The Magic of Fermentation and Cultured Foods
  • Module 9: Nut-free Cuisine and Food Allergies
  • Module 10: Seaweeds and Algae
  • Module 11: Fitness Foods and Nutrition for Athletes
  • Module 12: Healing Spices from Around the World
  • Module 13: All about Dairy and Healthy Alternatives
  • Module 14: Cooked Comfort Foods to Drool Over
  • Module 15: Gourmet Cultured Foods and Other Ferments
  • Module 16: Master the Crunch of Dehydrated Foods
  • Module 17: Food Photography for Social Media
  • Module 18: Plating Presentation and Saucing Techniques
  • Module 19: Raw Desserts and Superfoods
  • Module 20: Medicinal Mushrooms and Ancient Adaptogens
  • Module 21: Foods for Fertility, Pregnancy and Childhood
  • Module 22: Mindful Menu Planning
  • BONUS Module 23: Building Your Wellness Business
  • BONUS Module 24: Essential Oils in the Raw Food Lifestyle

Personal Raw Food Chef Certification

  • This option is for the person who has chosen to take this course for their own personal development. This may be because you are passionate about this lifestyle, you want to learn to make delicious recipes for you and your family, and you just want an understanding how raw, plant-based foods can enhance your life.
  • Enjoy the course! You don’t have to make all the recipes for each module, but you must complete the Module Completion Activities including all quizzes and activities and you don’t have to complete the Bonus Modules.
  • This is included in your tuition fee.

Internationally Certified Raw Food Chef Certification (CRFC)

  • As you go through the course, you’ll want to do the following to make it easy to apply for international certification with the Raw Food Chef Alliance and become officially Certified:  
    • Make all recipes in all Modules for both L1 and L2
    • Complete all Bonus Modules (14, 23 and 24)
    • Keep a journal – outline what worked, what didn’t, did you use substitutes, did you improve the recipe, change the procedure? 
  • This will be submitted for review before you receive your certificate 
  • Once complete, you will schedule a ZOOM call with Danielle Arsenault to review and critique your work
  • Pay the $150 USD International Raw Food Chef Certification Process 
  • Includes 5-year membership with the Raw Food Chef Alliance and Certified Raw Food Chef accreditation (CRFC)
  • Learn More
  • Foundation Staple Foods
  • Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Knife Skills
  • Flavor Balancing
  • How to Stock your Kitchen
  • Soaking and Sprouting
  • Cultured and Fermented Foods, Kimchi and Kraut
  • Sustainability and Ethical Choices
  • Nut-Free Cuisine and Food Sensitivities
  • Detoxification and Your pH
  • Healthy Digestion and your Gut Microbiome
  • Foods the Promote Digestion
  • Tips and Tricks for Healthy Detoxification
  • Healing Spices from Around the World
  • Gourmet Raw Vegan Meals
  • Healing Foods for Fertility, Pregnancy and All Life Stages
  • Healing Herbal Soups and Adaptogens
  • Raw Desserts and Superfoods
  • Raw Food and Essential Oils that Heal
  • Dehydrated Foods
  • Gourmet Cultured Foods
  • Medicinal Mushrooms
  • Vegan Cheese Making
  • Plating Presentation and Food Photography

Level One

  • Make different Sauerkrauts, Kimchi,  Kombucha, Bubble Tea, Lemon Apricot Molasses Kefir, Rejuvelac, Fermented Goji Berry Hot Sauce, Energy Soup, Face Scrub, Wheatgrass and Sprouted Lentil Salad ,Love your Liver Salad and Simple Spiced Vinaigrette, Pear Lemongrass Salsa, Curried Goji Berry Relish, Pesto Kalamata Tapenade, Kale Caesar Salad, Sesame Parm, Save the Sea Pate in Nori Rolls, Berbere Spice Blend, Niter Kibbeh Oil, Infusion, Ethiopian Red Lentils and Kaffir Lime Carrot Soup, Protein Power Bowl, Cinnamon Maca Energy Gel, Electrolyte Drink with Ginger, Lemon Lime Energy Bites, Ginger Butternut Squash Soup, Marinated Moroccan Cauliflower Steaks, Ethiopian Red Lentils, Mushroom and Yam Risotto Pan Fry, Thrice Baked Buffalo Broccoli Bites, Fresh Nut Mylk, Sesame Banana Mylk Shake, Maca Mesquite Coconut Latte and Basic Fermented Nut Cheese, etc. 

Level Two

  • Make Creamy Cashew Cheese with Herbes de Provence and Truffle Oil, Smoky Fermented Cilantro Cream, Sharp Smoked Cheddar, Fermented Goji Berry and Passionfruit Hot Sauce, Fermented Sunflower Cheese Crisps., Almond Pulp Cookies, Raw Pizza Crust , Banana Cinnamon Flax Pancakes, Radiant Rainbow Noodles with an Avocado Rose, Beetroot Hummus, Kimchi Collard Parcels with Sesame Mushroom Stuffing and Smoky Fermented Cilantro Cream, RawVega Lasgne, Beetroot Ravioli, Red Beet Borscht with Cashew Sour Cream, Mason Jar Maca Carrot Cake with Lemony Frosting,, Goji Berry Orange Fudge, Matcha Sesame Entremet, Tiramisu, Medicinal Shiitake Mushroom Bacon Bits, Shiitake Pho Noodle Soup, Royaltea Latte , Vitamin C Bomb Piña Colada Smoothie, Green Spring Iced Alchemy, Sweet and Savoury Superfood Shaker, No Bones Broth, Mason Jar Rainbow Meal-to-Go, Real Fruit Roll-ups, Portobello Mushroom Stack, Mediterranean Red Peppers , Truffle Cream Cheese, etc.

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