30 Day

Get Back on Track Challenge

How the 30 Days will get you Back on Track!

Are you Off Track and Want to Feel Good Again? 

Caught in the trap of bad eating habits and need accountability? 

You’re not alone – Join a group of other like minded women who want to get back on track too!

By the end of 30 days, you’ll be back on track, with new habits to create big change.

30 Day Whole Food Vegan Challenge

How to Eat Raw and Thrive while Maintaining Balance in Your Life

Your 21 Day Challenge begins in one week.
Before you start, you must prepare!

Before we actually start the challenge, we must prepare. That means cleaning out your fridge, getting rid of the foods that don’t support your health (even if they are you fav). Digging into the back of your pantry and composting the barely edible food products. Print out the manual, get yourself a notebook and pen. Prepare for your grocery adventure! Things are about to get serious (seriously fun!)

This challenge is a holistic approach to kick starting your gut health for life that includes diet, lifestyle modifications, stress reduction and targeted supplements. But, honestly, for most people, 21 days is not long enough. If you have serious gut issues, it may take anywhere from 90 days to 12 months to really reset the microbial balance within your digestive system and if it’s really bad, you might even want to consult a health care provider… in any case… take this 21 Day challenge as the beginning of your journey. We are here, planting the seeds for you. It is up to you to water and nurture these lifestyle habits.

This challenge is about gaining energy, long term vitality, learning habits you can actually stick with, and understanding that the health of every system in your body starts in the gut.

In short, with 21 daily lessons, videos, exercises, recipes, worksheets, and more, I’m going to revolutionize the way you think about your overall health and nutrition.

Your 4 Week Gut Transformation


Prep Week
Clean, Clear and Stock Up

  • Start fresh and Clean out your Pantry
  • Clear out your fridge
    Purchase groceries and procure equipment
  • Print out manuals
  • Set your intentions to rock this challenge!

Week One:
Remove and Replace

  • You are what you Absorb
    Common Signs and Symptoms of Gut issue
  • How Inflammation Affects the Body
  • Eliminate Problem Foods
  • The Digestive System and Our Microbiome
  • Detoxification and Intermittent fasting

Week Two:
Repair and Repopulate

  • Activate your detox organs – daily workout
  • Fiber and Why it’s important
  • Our Immune System
  • The Role of Pre, Pro and Postbiotics
  • Food, Mood, Cravings and Food Sensitivities
  • Mental Health and Stress

Week Three:
Rebuild and Revitalize

  • Eat the Rainbow and Change it Up
  • Guided Gut Reset Meditation
  • Optimized Sleep
  • Radiant Skin Health
  • Supportive Supplements
  • Intuitive and Mindful Eating
Online Raw Food Chef Certificate

What You'll Receive

✔️ Re-discover How to Eat Raw and Thrive

✔️ 30 days to Re-Connect

✔️ 6 hours of Live, Interactive Zoom Coaching

✔️ Includes Meal Plan and 80+ Recipes

*Your Own Pace 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge is a self-paced challenge which will begin 7 days after your purchase. Upon purchase you will receive an automatic email with your grocery and prep list! Do this right away and then prepare yourself mentally for a 24-hour water fast which begins on Day Zero (the day before Day 1)*

The Guided Gut Reset Challenge begins April 1st each year. 

Bonus Resources!


Fresh and Delicious Staple Recipes

A healthy gut will affect every part of the body. Learn how to feed your microbiome by incorporating easy and simple recipes into your routine, like kimchi! 

In this 1-Hour Bonus Training You Will Learn:

  • Discover unique tips and tricks to reset your gut
  • Learn how to Rejuvenate your Energy Levels
  • Kickstart healthy habits for a lifetime trajectory of optimal health and happiness!


Bonus PDF Guide: Detoxify the Gut

By incorporating lifelong healthy eating patterns, YOU CAN revolutionize your health from the inside out. It’s time for you to enjoy the vibrant life you’ve always wanted. 

In this 1-Hour Bonus Training You Will Learn:

  • Learn New Scientific Connections between Gut Health and Disease
  • Define what a “healthy gut” truly is 
  • Discover how to replenish your Gut Microbiome
  • How to Cleanse and Detoxify your System for better Gut Health
  • Different detox organ cleanses for specific conditions

What are Participants saying
about their experience
during the 21 Day Gut Reset Challenge
with Pachavega?

Thank you for this important work you are spreading in the world. SO Needed! My health has drastically improved!”

I felt such an outpouring of generosity for the information and advanced tips that you shared throughout, they felt full of the intention to educate and empower us to be creative and free. 

The truly delicious recipes brought up the standard of vegan cooking for me. Thank you for the creative work that I trust years and years of your heart pouring has brought about. I learned to love how you stepped up and continued to show up. This is warrior work to me, putting yourself out there over and over again to share your gifts.

My hubby and I finished and maintained the 80ish% along the way (him higher than me), and to find something we both came together on was a beautiful bonus as well.
Crystal Young
MBA, Natural Strength Health Coaching. Calgary Alberta. Canada

As someone who has suffered from IBS since I childhood, this challenge has been the greatest gift I could ever receive.” 

This challenge has been so eye-opening, inspiring, and ground-breaking! Over the years I’ve seen naturopaths, done colon hydrotherapies, tried elimination diets, and other cleanses, but nothing totally helped… Until now! I have never found a more balanced and effective approach to gut health as yours. I never knew HOW to make the food this enjoyable. And I feel amazing! I am now aware of my own personal connection between my gut and my state of mind. I feel like I have begun to cultivate a new level of awareness and new love of the foods that heal and I will be taking all of this new found knowledge with me from now on! My kids are enjoying their smoothies (they can’t detect the spinach haha) and I’m doing a happy dance! This lifestyle re-set has been a major game changer for myself and my family, so thank you for your guid
Anna Jaeger
Holistic Nutritionist. Ottawa, Canada
Retreat - 25-Day Raw Food Chef Residency

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21 Day Gut Reset

Price: $394

More Testimonials

I’m loving this way of eating – the high amount of fiber has done wonders for my digestion (3 poops a day! What?!!)” 

I’m super grateful to have kicked my sugar cravings and it’s been wonderful to get back to a daily green smoothie and sprouting and growing micro greens. Finding out eating raw is a lot easier than I expected. I thought it would be hard to make recipes unfamiliar and I have found a groove with energy balls and sauces. But the best part, I have become more present in my life, finding meaningful moments when eating and I have rested more in the last three weeks than I have the last three years. I am using my journal more and connecting more in present moments.
Carrie Cameron
Victoria, BC. Canada

I feel more positive over the last 21 days and feel healthier and am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in this challenge!”

I love how the challenge incorporates everything to make my belly happy. There is a good balance of food with your use of your pyramid with the challenge and my body can tell (mainly my poop is giving it away, lol!) When I started eating WFPB, I thought I needed to always eat to make up for the heavy food I wasn't eating. But now that I have been doing intermittent fasting again, my body feels great and I have more energy! This challenge has reminded me to chew slowly and breathe before eating. I loved the advice to sit down to eat because quite often I am multi-tasking while eating so now I am taking time to sit and enjoy my food.
Jenn Roach
Calgary, AB, Canada

I was so thrilled to receive your “Day 50” check-in email & video. You are so wonderfully caring and inspirational!”

In terms of maintaining the healthy gut regimen and reverting to old ways, I think I have shifted to a 60/40 ratio of good practices and former habits. My husband has told me that since eating some of my vegan foods, and also having a probiotic and green smoothie every day plus earlier bedtimes, his hairdresser said she noticed his hair is growing more fully! We were both very happy to hear that. Favourite recipes are the butternut squash soup, cashew sour cream, overnight oats, shiitake pho, Kale Caesar salad, Broccoli & Apple salad, and I am completely addicted to Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Kombucha. Those are major players in my daily diet. I’m also keeping up on daily yoga and chasing my kids around helps me stay active!"
Anise Rodgers
Personal Fitness Trainer. Manhattan, New York,USA


21 Day Gut Reset

Price: $394

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