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Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary


Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary

Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary

A Paradise on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary

Our Tropical Island Paradise on Ometepe

We invite you to see the world through our eyes

A geographical marvel and jungle paradise in its own right, Ometepe is formed not just by one, but two volcanoes. Volcan Concepción, active and fiery by nature, is energetically and cosmically balanced by Volcan Maderas, a dormant volcano, blessed with a crater lake that brings us the element of water. Just like its geographical home, Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary is a creation that could only be brought to life under the perfect conditions of fate and timing.

Consciously crafted on two acres of Lakeside land, the property we call home was once a burned out, almost lifeless piece of old farmland. Five years later and a lot of love and labor, Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary, once known as Wanderlust Utopia, is now its own diverse ecosystem. Dust and weeds have been replaced by an organic pool, tropical flowers, live fencing, super-food trees, plants, herbs, birds, frogs, and even visits from wild horses and neighboring cows, goats, pigs, and chickens.

Simple, sustainable, and eco-conscious, we care for our guests with eco-modern accommodations that keep bugs out, spare the environment, and ensure an incredible night sleep in the middle of a jungle paradise.

With six lakefront private rooms, each with queen bed and private toilet, a host cabana for three, and a 12-person shared accommodation bunk house, the house can sleep 18 comfortably or 26 if double beds are shared and host cabana is utilized. Grandiose and luxurious require large amounts of building materials and leave an impact on an already taxed Mother Nature.

Their accommodations are comfortably designed to be eco-conscious yet to last the test of time. If you are looking for a king suite with Jacuzzi tub and HD TV, then this is probably not the place for you. No, we don’t have air conditioning. However, if you share our values, you will be grateful for a retreat experience that nurtures a positive, loving environment, honors Pachamama, provides cozy and clean accommodations, and serves gourmet plant-based menus in the middle of a “Ferngully” meets “Avatar” jungle paradise.


Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary

Our healing home base is on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua at an incredible retreat facility that feels like Home.  – a conscious, plant-based, health and wellness retreat center for holistic events and private functions. 

Hometepe Holistic Sanctuary


Private Lake View Rooms

We have 6 private lake view rooms with double beds, fans, private bathrooms, and shared hot water showers.

*6 beds total

Shared Dormitory

In our spacious dorm, we have 6 bunk beds and 2 shared bathrooms. Cold water showers are outside the dorm. There is also personal space for securely storing you bags while your here and each bed gets a fan.

*12 beds total