Pop Up Restaurant : Awake your Spring with Pinch and Dash

Pop Up Restaurant : Awake your Spring with Pinch and Dash

Pop Up Restaurant : Awake your Spring with Pinch and Dash

Pop Up Restaurant : Awake your Spring with Pinch and Dash

Our 2nd Pop Up Restaurant! Yay! What a find. I’m on a roll aren’t I? As mentioned in my previous post, I absolutely love the idea of Pop Up Restaurants especially when it’s not seen or heard of before, not mainstream, not known.  In my mind, when I think about Pop Up Restaurants I see an event that opens the door to creativity. I truly believe these are among the best environments to introduce never-seen-before recipes and ingredients : places that can easily mark the imagination of the guests.

This pop up Restaurant was specially dear to my heart because it was a Vegan Sharing Dinner. Only 10 people were being catered for so it would be intimate and close and that was really evident when we showed up to the venue.

Casablanca restaurant in Noksapyeong/Hae Bang Chon area was the venue, were they happily shared their premises for this pop up by Pinch and Dash was small and quaint, hosted by Jessica and Danielle. The welcome was so warm and filled with smiles, soft, close and very pretty.

Pop Up Dinner

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